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Care2Caregivers  is staffed by peer counselors who have cared for family members with dementia and  also worked as dementia professionals in the health care industry.  They have seen dementia from both sides.  They know what it is like to be up all night with someone who won�t sleep.   They have seen how effective medications can be to help with behavioral symptoms that some people with dementia may experience.  They have felt the stresses of making decisions for family members who can no longer decide things for themselves.  They have provided meaningful activities for those with dementia using music, art, dance and reminiscing.

 Care 2 Caregiver peer counselors are compassionate and dedicated.   They have a special affinity for those with memory impairment and want to help them have the best lives possible despite their illness.  They have seen it all.  They have helped turn people�s lives around.

 Care 2 Caregivers peer counselors have a special affinity for YOU!  They want YOU to have the best life you can have as well.   They know what is like to feel pulled in many directions because of caregiving responsibilities.   They know how it feels to be overlooked because everything now is about the person with the illness.  They know how caregiving impacts your relationships, your dreams, your health and your bank account.

 We can help you cope with the stresses of caregiving.  We can tell you about helpful resources.  We can help you plan for the future. But mostly, we can just listen.  Give us a call.  When you care, we are there for you.


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