Comprehensive Services on Aging (COPSA) has been providing compassionate and sensitive mental health care to the elderly since its inception in 1975. Geriatric psychiatrists lead a multidisciplinary team of case managers, therapists and social workers.

The COPSA Institute for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders is a statewide program that includes a dementia clinic and a resource center that provides education, information and support to the families and caregivers of people with dementia. Institute staff train and provide consultation to geriatric professionals throughout New Jersey.

In Middlesex county our Outreach and Outpatients serve older adults who may be suffering from psychiatric disorders, and struggling with normative life changes. Through our E.A.R.S program we offer unique services for people who are caring for someone with dementia or other conditions. Specialized groups are provided through this program. For more information please call our Helpline 800 424-2494.

COPSA Geriatric Services:

COPSA Institute for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

Memory Disorders Clinic

Alzheimer's Resource Center

Training, Education and Staff Development

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