Frequently Asked Questions


I am not sure if my Dad has dementia.  Can I still call you?

            Yes.  You probably have a sense that something is wrong, but may not be sure what it is. We have all been in this position.   We know that sometimes it can take a while to figure out what is really going on especially those we love age. Our peers can listen to you, ask you questions about your loved one and help steer you in the best direction. 

My Mom�s doctor said she had dementia.  Is that Alzheimer�s Disease?

            Dementia means memory loss. Alzheimer�s Disease is one disease that can cause memory loss. A person can also have memory loss due to a stroke or another disease such as Lewy Body Disease, Pick�s Disease or Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia. It is always good to talk to the person�s doctor to find out what is causing the dementia. Knowing can make a difference with treatment options and help you better plan for the future.

I provide support to my sister who lives in Pennsylvania.  Can I still call you for help?

            Yes! We are here to support you, the caregiver. We know how hard it is to be long distance caregiver. We can lend a supportive ear and help you navigate things from a distance. It doesn�t matter if they are an hour away or across the country.

I live in California and my parents live in New Jersey.  Can I still call you?

            Yes! Many children and family members who live in other states are doing the best they can to care for family members long distance. We know about the challenges you are facing and can help you along the way.

 I work during the day and can�t talk on the phone.  How can you help me?

            Many caregivers are in your same situation. Some find it helpful to email us. It gives them a chance to gather their thoughts at a more convenient time. Our peers will respond to your email the next day and offer you the support and direction you need.

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