Support Groups


  • Exchange practical information on care-giving problems and possible solutions

  • Talk through challenges and ways of coping

  • Share feelings, needs and concerns

  • Learn about resources available in your community

Many caregivers find it helpful to talk with others who are also caregivers in a group setting.  It gives them a chance to vent to people who understand and build relationships with other caregivers.  There are numerous caregiver support groups around the state that meet at different times and in different locations.  The Care2Caregiver staff can help you find one that works for your schedule and is in your area. 

The Care2Cargivers Staff and the COPSA Staff offer several support groups including the Spouse Support Group, Just for the Fellas, Transitions Bereavement Group, Caregiver Education Groups and Young Wives. 

The COPSA Spouse Support Group
The COPSA Spouse Support Group is open to all who are caring for a spouse with memory impairment due to Alzheimer�s Disease or a related disorder.  We meet bimonthly to learn about the disease process, discuss issues that arise from caregiving, offer each other support and find out about available resources.  All meetings are facilitated by a member of the COPSA Care 2 Caregivers Staff.  We know how hard your job is.  Come and learn more about what your spouse is going through and talk with others who know what it is like to walk in your shoes. (Read more)

1st and 3rd Mondays of the month (excluding scheduled holidays)

Support Group for Young Wives

The dates for the 2015 Young Wives Support Groups meets on the following 3rd Tuesdays

This is a professionally � facilitated group designed for young wives (40�s, 50�s, 60�s) caring for a husband with a dementia.  Often, they are caring for a family, working as well their taking care of their husband�s condition. Please contact Michelle Zitomer at 800-424-2494 or 732-235-4910.

3rd Tuesday of each month 

Just For The Fellas
A professionally facilitated time for male caregivers to share their experiences and develop new coping strategies (Read more)

Please call to RSVP 866-300-3277

4th Monday of each month

2:00PM � 3:30PM

E.A.R.S. for Caregivers in Middlesex County Transitions Bereavement Group
Transitions Bereavement Group for family caregivers starting over after the caregiving has ended. RSVP to 866-300-3277 (Read more)
2nd Wednesday, of the month

1:00PM � 2:30PM

Please visit our Event Calendar to see all meetings, and to obtain more details.

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