See the feedback we've received from other New Jersey caregivers. We have obviously omitted their names for the sake of their privacy.


�You are a fabulous program.  Thank you for getting the information.  I am going to give your phone number to others.�  (A caller from MD)

Talking with you really helped me calm down.  I was upset about my mom�s behavior and talking with you helped me better understand what was going on.  I feel so much better after talking with you.  (a caller from Morris County)

Thank you so much for calling me.  You are such an angel.  I had the resource book right in front of me but I just didn�t know where to start.  Thank you for helping me.   (a caller from Camden County)

Thank you for thinking of me.  I have been having such a hard time and your call has given me hope.  (a caller from Essex County)

Thank you for checking on me.  I look forward to you calling again.  (a caller from Middlesex County)
Thank you for keeping in touch.  You have been a wonderful resource.  (a caller from Gloucester County)
I have been feeling so depressed.   After your call, I felt a lot better.  I was able to make a few phone calls about things that needed to be taken care of.  Thank you for cheering me up.  (a caller from Bergen County)

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For more information on benefits and resources for NJ residents please contact your local Agency and Disabilities Resource Connection